Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership
Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership

Using Services

How to use our ARCGIS services


Use our Parcel services in your ARcmap

Download the appropriate .lyr file below.

Guernsey Parcel Layer - 2016

Noble Parcel Layer - 2016

Then, in ArcMap, use the Add Data button to add the .lyr file as you would any other feature class. You should then be able to use the you would normally in ArcMap. Note: due to the data being held in a Map Service, it cannot be re-symbolized, but layers can be turned off, and the Identify Tool can be used as normal.

If you are experiencing any issues with these services, please contact Jason Pyles at jpyles (at) or Dru Sexton at dsexton (at)