Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership
Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership

Partnership Objectives

Partnership Goals


Organized as a voluntary cooperative organization of geographic information system (GIS) professionals, the Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP, also referred to as the “Partnership”) is created for the overarching purpose of providing the underserved political subdivisions of Appalachian Ohio with educational opportunities in geospatial technologies. Appalachian Ohio has been widely regarded as an area that is behind in organization, technical capacity, and potential in several professional areas, including GIS. For these reasons, the Partnership’s objectives are:

(a) to provide an objective educational forum without political, social, financial or national bias, that is tailored to the specific needs of Appalachian Ohio

(b) to foster the exchange of ideas and studies focused on the planning, operation, and consequences of such information systems,

(c) to promote and encourage the ethical use of geospatial technology, and

(d) to promote professional interaction, stimulate research, encourage publication, and generally aid the advancement of its members and other organizations having related objectives.

To this end, the AOGDP is focused on nurturing an environment of training, collaboration, adoption, promotion, and sharing of geospatial data, technology, information, and techniques that will produce tangible benefits for members, and for the Appalachian region of Ohio in its entirety. Through these actions we seek to significantly increase the geospatial capacity of the region. The Partnership is an avenue for organizations that have traditionally participated in a cooperative manner to formalize those partnerships in order to bring the power of shared services and resources to bear on geospatial related issues facing Appalachian Ohio.

The AOGDP intends to pursue both public and private funding opportunities to continue working on vital projects that will provide direct benefit to the whole Appalachian Ohio community. It is our intention that the completion of collaborative projects will benefit the economic development and public safety interests of our region, as well as local governments and decision makers.