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The Mural Map Story

Appalachian Ohio Mural Story Map 


In early 2016, AOGDP leadership discussed taking on a collaborative tourism project for our region. It was discussed that there are many incredible and detailed mural paintings throughout the region. Often times, the paintings depict an economic or socially significant theme to the town/city/region. Some murals are part of a larger collection throughout the region. Many tourism boards note that these murals draw tourists in and help them associate a person or an event with that place. For example, many people are familiar with the Portsmouth Flood Wall in Scioto County. Not only is the floodwall on the scenic Ohio River, it showcases a plethora of murals that are still touched-up and maintained to this day. 
AOGDP decided that an interactive online map showcasing all these artistic pieces could be valuable for showing the strong sense of place that Appalachian Ohio is about. Submissions are essentially open to the public and user-generated.  A Google Scripts plugin load the submitted information into the map and saves the image in the cloud. Using a leaflet map, clusters of murals are shown, with each mural being a clickable popup that shows the image and title of the mural, along with directions via Google Maps.  A slider on the bottom of the map showcases all the murals, which is also selectable. AOGDP has worked with Ohio’s Appalachian County, the 32 county tourism-board organization, to receive additional submissions and get the word out about the map. Continued efforts will hopefully lead to a complete, up-to-date map showcasing a majority of the murals in the region. Help us catalog these amazing story pieces across our region!  

You can view the interactive map on the AOGDP site here:

Submissions for murals are still being accepted and can be submitted at:

Nick Korncke