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New video series helps users deploy the ArcGIS parcel editing solution

On May 16, 2012, in Editing, Local Government, by muisea (Esri)

With the release of ArcGIS 10, Esri provides users with a Land Records solution as a core part of the ArcGIS platform. This solution helps you produce great web maps, implement efficient workflows, and incorporate best practices from the land records industry at large.

The parcel maintenance solution has three key parts. First is the Parcel Editor toolbar, which is included with ArcGIS Desktop at the ArcEditor and ArcInfo license levels. This toolbar contains the tools needed to access and work with parcel data. The second part of the solution is the parcel fabric. This dataset manages the spatial and topological relationships inherent in parcel point, line, and polygon data. The third and final part of the solution is the Tax Parcel Editing map. It supports local government workflows and is a multiscale editing map that organizes the survey framework (Public Land Survey System [PLSS] and control), subdivisions, lots, tax parcels, and encumbrances in a fabric data model that can be used with the Parcel Editor toolbar.

Recently, Esri authored a series of videos to help you get started with the Tax Parcel Editing map and Parcel Editor toolbar. Each video guides you through a different parcel editing workflow and is accompanied by a PDF document describing the required steps.

The nine workflows described in the videos include the following:

Updating parcel corners
Splitting acreage parcels using the geometry of an existing parcel
Splitting acreage parcels from area descriptions
Shifting adjacent parcel boundaries
Merging parcels
Dedicating public rights-of-way
Subdividing parcels using CAD data
Splitting acreage parcels from measurement descriptions with a monument start point
Splitting acreage parcels from measurement descriptions with a floating start point


Finally, we’d like to thank Larry Young for this contribution to the Land Records community, and we hope you find the videos valuable as you begin to leverage the ArcGIS parcel editing solution.

Malcolm Meyer