Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership
Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership

About Us

About Us

The Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP) is a non-profit organization made up of professionals from the Appalachian region of Ohio with an interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Our Partnership was formed to facilitate the development of standardized GIS data across county boundaries and in multiple jurisdictions.  Charter membership is currently comprised of five member counties (Gallia, Guernsey, Monroe, Morgan & Noble Counties), four regional governmental agencies (Buckeye Hills‐Hocking Valley RDD, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, Ohio Valley RDC, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments) and one academic non‐profit organization (The Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs).  These grass‐roots members have the strong desire to include new Charter Members from throughout our defined fifteen county region.

Potential Charter Members include all levels of government, non‐profits, and the academic community that are interested in sharing, discussing and implementing Federal Geographic Data Committee’s (FGDC) National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) initiatives and standards.  The Partnership’s ultimate goal is to promote technologies and policies that allow for the utilization of created GIS data by all levels of government and the private sector. Our plan is to seek funding from multiple sources for development and maintenance of county level data. Our idea is to share geographic data which produces significant savings for data creation and enhances the decision making ability for anyone who uses this data.

The first objective of the Partnership is to work collaboratively with County officials, and State and
Federal GIS officials to identify common goals and work to institute NSDI and Ohio state standards
across county boundaries and in multiple jurisdictions.  The Partnership’s initial attempt at meeting our first objective is a pilot project that seeks to create base level cadastral mapping by giving counties the tools and education to create and maintain their own cadastral layer.

The second broad objective is to present our pilot project at all levels of government, the private and
non‐profit sectors, and the academic community to seek and obtain stakeholder buy‐in and funding for
a county wide / multi‐jurisdictional cadastral layer.  Our success is measured by the completion of both
objectives for our first project.


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Help us bring current digital standards to Appalachian Ohio. At our meetings you'll meet with folks in similar situations that will have insight and advice for helping your community, county, or organization achieve it's GIS potential.

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Adopting and promoting geospatial data standards in Appalachian Ohio between Federal, State, Regional & Local Governments, Academia, Non‐ Profits and Private Industry. A collaborative environment built on Educating, Creating, Sharing and Maintaining.